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* Colt Detective Special .38 *

Up for sale is our Colt Detective Special .38 - what a stunning little gun.The Detective Special is an icon in the world of pocket pistols, this one is also in great con...

$1,499.00 NZD
ricko10 (14 )

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MGV-176 - .22LR F/A SMG

Regretfully for sale is my MGV-176 SMG This is a modernised version of the American 180 SMG which was originally used by NZ Police. It is a very beautifuly made piece. V...

$4,500.00 NZD
fendt936 (4 )

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Berrys 124gr 9mm FMJ plated round nose projectiles x1000

New in the box 1000 in the box  Jacketed round nose made by Berrys for use in 9mm firearms Good plinking / range ammo for 9mm  Pick up in Auckland South or...

$135.00 NZD
Gian_strabo (633 )

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Hornady Action Pistol 45ACP 230gr FMJ projectiles x1500

New in the box 1500 in the box  230gr Jacketed Hollow Point projectile for use in 45ACP firearms Quality jacketed projectile for pistol shooting Very heavy box...

$500.00 NZD
Gian_strabo (633 )

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