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Colt Model 1908 Pocket Pistol .25ACP

A nice example of Colt 1908Based on famous John Browning design, it's pretty much same as FN 1906 but the total production number is much lower and not often found i...

$1,099.00 NZD
Tomwolf (15 )

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ANSCHÜTZ MSR RX 22 with accessories

Previously was a E Cat rifle in my collection.  Has done very little shooting as part of my precision .22 LR  collection.   My ANSCHÜTZ MSR RX 22 is in very good co...

$1,350.00 NZD
arbor (208 )

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Ruger American Target

Ruger American target .22

$795.00 NZD
Lloyd (0)

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Benelli M2

Benelli M2

$2,000.00 NZD
Lloyd (0)

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Brand new HK VP70 with stock (holster), box, holster. Semi-Pistol to SMG. A very collectable HK

Only 54 units made. Market price USD$22,500 (     I collect HK firearms, this is one of my most collectable toys --- HK ...

$25,000.00 NZD
justlaptops (82 )

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Tippmann M4-22 Elite .22LR with extras

Great semi-auto rifle in almost new condition, hardly used. Purchased new about 6 months ago. Well cared for and cleaned after each use. A few tiny marks near the trigger...

$1,750.00 NZD
healyp (1 )

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Glock 19 with Trijicon iron sights.

Glock 19 9mm. Comes with original box and 2x magazines.C Cat - must provide permit.Buyer can pick up Hobsonville or I can post through the dealers network for $50.For fu...

$1,000.00 NZD
ltho150 (8 )

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Glock 43 - C Cat

Glock 439mm. Comes with original box and 2x magazines.C Cat - must provide permit.Buyer can pick up Hobsonville or I can post through the dealers network for $50.For furt...

$1,200.00 NZD
ltho150 (8 )

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Colt Police Positive .38 Revolver Ex Royal Hong Kong Police

Overall very good condition Mechanically very good, bore is bight with sharp rifling, no rust/chip I could see,  lock up very tight Exterior retains around 90% of blui...

$949.00 NZD
Tomwolf (15 )

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* Genuine / Original 1911 / 1911A1 Shoulder Stock! *

Up for sale is our * Genuine / Original 1911 / 1911A1 Shoulder Stock! *This is in excellent condition for its age, and I cannot stress how rare these things are.  At the...

$849.00 NZD
ricko10 (18 )

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Glock 23 40 S&W

Addition mags $50 each. Brand new Glock 23 40 cal magazine. 

$54.00 NZD
arbor (208 )

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Mossberg 702 Plinkster with scope and silencer

Brand new, never used

$275.00 NZD
Want2Sell (0)

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Tippmann M4-22, Kriss DMK22 Ambidextrous Over Sized Tactical Latch for Charging Handle

Tippmann M4-22 Pro, M4-22 Classic, M4-22 Elite or Kriss DMK22 series Ambidextrous Over-Sized Tactical Latch for Charging Handle, All Steel, New Ambidextrous Tactical La...

$18.99 NZD
scorpion60 (15 )

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Mossburg 935 magnum near new

Only shot a few rounds, always cleaned, can shoot upto 3.5" shellsSemi auto

$650.00 NZD
gerhgrh (3 )

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Uzi Pro 9mm

The Uzi Pro 9mm pistol is in perfect collectors condition.  This is number 7 off the production line and is an extremely collectable Uzi for the Uzi collector.  Does no...

$3,750.00 NZD
arbor (208 )

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Magnum Research 10/22 22LR

The very very sought after 10/22 made by Magnum Research... the same company that makes the Desert Eagle pistol!!!

$1,700.00 NZD
siedse (78 )

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CZ SP-01 EXT MAG 26 9mm Luger * Genuine CZ Mag, has "26" on it, but people says it can hold 25 rounds. Brand new, never used. fit very most CZ SP01

$189.00 NZD
justlaptops (82 )

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300BLK Small Batch Range Ammo

Manufactured in NZ by Tasman Research using 100% new projectiles and commercially re-manufactured brass cases.  Hard-hitting M80 147gr FMJ boat tail projectiles are per...

$60.00 NZD
TasmanResearch (15 )

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S&W M&P 1905 revolver

Pre-Victory revolver from around 1941-42. Bought by the British Govt before lend/lease came into effect. Many of these went into NZ or Australian service from new. Nicel...

$395.00 NZD
Kapiti 101 (15 )

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Hushpro RF2

50% Overbarrel Rimfire

$100.00 NZD
paulc (2 )

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JAGER model AP74


$975.00 NZD
spider (3 )

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